I am an instructional designer and have experience in research in educational technologies and visual design. I am proactive, self-motivated, adaptable and collaborative. In this space you will find some educational resources that I have made.




Pick upoop is a public health gamification project that aims to educate people to pick up the excrement from their dogs in Chile.

Objective: keep public spaces free of dog poop to have a healthy environment.

Target audience: all citizens of Chile.

Developed with the tool: Figma.



Danse Street jazz is a video designed with the method of design thinking. It explains the particularity of Street jazz dance and introduces the Connexion danse studio to motivate women to register.


Target audience: women who want to have a good time (relax and forget the routine), move their bodies (perform a physical activity) and socialize while learning to dance Street Jazz.


Social networks: Instagram and Facebook.


Level of dance: beginner.

Developed with the tools : Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Illustrator.


This video is part of the scenario-based learning module  “First Aid: cardiac arrest. How to react?”

Developed with the tool: Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop.


Everything is relative is a short animation made for children so that they can understand that the way to see things depends on their point of view.


With a transdisciplinary approach that links physics and philosophy, this video is a good resource to open up a class discussion and motivate students to share their views on the same situation.


– understand that the way of seeing things depends on the point of view of the one who is experiencing it (philosophical approach)
– observe objects of nature from several angles to see the different representations of the world (physical approach)


Target audience: children from 8 years old.


Developed with the tool: Vyond.


Objetivo Shinkansen (Shinkansen Goal) is a personal development video tutorial with a cinematic style.

In Japan, the Shinkansen is the high-speed railway. Building it was a daunting task. However, the engineers achieved their goal, even though it seemed impossible at first.

Language: Spanish

Subtitles: English

Developed with the tool: Adobe Premiere Pro.

Interactifs modules


How to improve your telephone English is an interactive module inspired by an article from the London School of English blog.

At the end of this module learners will be able to apply tips to effectively conduct a telephone conversation in English.

Target audience: Workplace professionals.

Developed with the tool: Articulate Storyline.


First aid: cardiorespiratory arrest. How to react? is an interactive module designed around a scenario to apply existing first aid knowledge during cardiac arrest.


Following a branch scenario, learners must choose an action to find the best way to help the victim. Each action leads to a different path allowing them to learn the consequences of their decisions.


Target audience: professionals at work.


Developed with the tool: Rise 360.


Introduction to Chakras is a personal development module with an interactive diagram and activities adapted to remember the positions, colors, elements and Sanskrit names of the seven energy centers of our body.

Developed with the tool: Rise 360.


Satellites in the Solar System is a module in Spanish designed according to a blended learning approach (flipped classroom).

Level: beginner.

Prerequisites: primary level mathematics & physics.

Target audience: primary and secondary students in Chile.

Developed with the tool: Rise 360.



Redesigned an existing infographic on the difference between a meteoroid, a meteor and a meteorite to make this learning material easier to understand.

An analysis of the existing teaching resource was carried out to identify the main problem, find a solution and propose a new pedagogical design.

Developed with the tool: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.