About me

I am a creative, social and empathetic person who specially enjoy travelling, discovering food and traditions of different cultures. I also like learning and developing new skills in areas, such as design, languages, personal development and intercultural communication.


During my free time, I enjoy dancing, reading books, walking with my dog and meeting people from all around the world.


My background

My first introduction to instructional design was in Chile as an undergraduate, where I wrote a children’s textbook about astronomy, with the input of my supervisor’s assistance.


Following this, I furthered my knowledge of digital learning design during my master’s degree in the University of Strasbourg in France, following the EdTech (Technology for Education) research approach. 

Towards the end of 2019, I decided to design and create digital resources for pedagogical purposes and branched out to develop my skills in authoring tools, graphic design and visual communication. 

Super Palta

Most of my works are signed under the name of Super Palta. This name is a Chilean slang used when something (principally a task) is easily understood.

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