About This Project

Design thinking

I carry out design thinking through to describe the learners and thus produce a video focused on them.

Assembly with green screen

I set up two green screens, a large one for the dance shots and a smaller one to record the presentation, the latter reflected less shadow and was more stretched.

Assembly for dancing 

Assembly for speaking 

Social media strategy

I worked with Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the video and Adobe After Effects to create the illusion of camera movement. I decided to use this effect because it is a new trend for professional dancer videos on Tik Tok and the camera follows the movements giving the idea of ​dance motion.


I created four versions of the video to post on Instagram, Facebook or websites.


1. Introduction and presentation (full video)

2. Full video with subtitles

3. Introduction (dance only)

4. Presentation with subtitles (without introduction)


Finally, I chose to put the titles and subtitles in large letters to capture people’s attention while the video appears on social media because most of the people scroll through their social media feeds without sound.