About This Project

This scenario was designed to allow adult learners to apply theirs previous first aid knowledge in a real life situation in order to test if they are able to save a life during a cardiac arrest. Designed in a branching scenario, the learners must choose an action to find the best way to help the casualty. Every action leads to a different path, allowing them to learn from the consequences of their decisions as well as to be aware of their own capabilities. 


Level: Introductory

Language: French

Type of learning: Self paced

Target audience: professionals at work.



Are you sure you know what to do when an adult has signs and symptoms of a heart attack? Test your first aid knowledge in a workplace scenario.


Scenario-based learning:

You are un your office and one of your colleagues comes to see you for the weekly meeting. She is paler than usual and tells you that she is having difficulty breathing. Suddenly, she falls to the ground uncounscious, on her stomach, and the cup she was holding shatters into small pieces next to her.

Would you know what to do?



  • Test: simple first aid gestures during a heart attack
  • External resources: simple gestures, use of the defibrillator and cardiac massage.


Learning designer: Yenny Silva.


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Health, Professional development, rise 360