How to improve your telephone English

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Module in storyline

Inspired by a blog from The London School of English, I have converted a post into a more interactive and engaging module.


By the end, learners will be able to:

  • apply tips for preparing well in advance a formal call and put the knowledge into action during it, in order to feel more confident
  • recall some useful expressions in formal language for asking questions and thanking.
This module starts with an activity rather than with the content right away. During the exercise, learners have the opportunity to review the structures in the feedback and at the end to reinforce knowledge retention. 
  • Welcome
  • Exercice
  • Section 1: tips
  • Section 2: useful expressions.

Language: English

Prerequisites: B1 (English language level)

Type of learning: Self paced

Target audience: professionals in work environments 

Goal: to carry out a phone conversation effectively in a formal context

Voiceover: Stephanie Araya, Danilo Quevedo and Yenny Silva

Digital learning creator: Yenny Silva

Source: inspired by a blog from The London School of English


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