About This Project


During the Tallinn Summer School, I followed the Gamification Workshop course. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to meet international students from different backgrounds with whom we shared knowledge, points of view and feedback on our Gamification projects.


my idea for gamification

On the second day of the course, each student had to make a short presentation and give an idea to gamify it.


My idea was simple, motivate and educate people to pick up their dog droppings on the streets of Chile.


Gamification Domain: Public Health

The need or purpose of gamification: keep public spaces free of dog poop to have a healthy environment

The main idea of ​​gamification: educate people to pick up their dog’s feces (desired behavior)

Target Audience: Dog owner or keeper walking their dog in public places (or all citizens).

After the presentations, the audience voted on the gamification ideas. The chosen ones then had to be designed in small groups.


My idea was one of the shortlisted and two students from Hong Kong voluntarily joined and helped me design it.

Christy, Yenny and Candy.

Pick upoop team

Together we designed a gamification project for this specific situation. You can see it in the following presentation.


Finally, we created a prototype app in Figma to support our idea of ​​gamification to engage people in the game.

If the prototype doesn’t work, try it out by clicking Pick upoop gamification prototype..