Updated an infographic. The difference between a meteoroid, meteor and meteorite.

This article focuses on the infographic-design modifications made between Meteoroid, Meteors and Meteorites. 

We also consider the previous design features and the new design.

Identifying the problem in the previous design

  • The blue & green arrows might look like the flow of motion, but they explain the different stages of the space object depending upon where it is.

  • It was unclear which atmosphere the meteoroid was entering, and burning up in, while on its journey to become a meteorite. 


The solution

I redesigned the visual explanation; putting in an image for each of the three stages (Meteoroid, Meteors and Meteorites).

Above each stage, I explained the space object in light of its positioning.

Additionally, I slightly modified the text of the meteors’ explanations, adding the individual names of Earth’s atmospheric layers; e.g. the Mesosphere layer where the meteoroids become meteors.

New design

Finally, I added the altitude layers (approximations) in order to reflect reality.  Furthermore, I included a meteorite image over planet Earth with a magnifying glass effect, supporting the idea that the space object had reached the planet’s surface.